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Adria - OC thorough interview
What Makes Your OC Tick: Meme
by ~CareBearKidd
This here little written meme-journal entry-thing is not going to ask you what your character looks like. It is not going to ask what your character's favorite color is. It's not even going to ask what your character would do if cupcakes fell from the sky. This, my friends, is going to put you to the test--just how developed is your character. Does his/hers/its psychological build make sense and fit together? If your character isn't that developed, then I hope this helps.
a) Use as many characters as you please.
b) If you're a big freak about staying in character, I'd recommend that YOU answer. Not your character/s because, let's face it, not all characters would spill their beans.
c) You don't have to tag anyone, but it's highly expected.
d) Don't worry too much about grammar--this is development. Not an English test.
Section 1: The Basics
1a. What is your full name?
Hannah Adria Namir, call me Adria please.
1b. Was it your parents
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Silver Lining. :iconimme-livewithit:imme-livewithit 4 7 City. :iconimme-livewithit:imme-livewithit 1 8
Mature content
Where life begins.. :iconimme-livewithit:imme-livewithit 3 11
Many years
Since I was old enough
To be proud of my
I never thought I’d need anything more
It seemed to be my essence
What made up who I am
..not many figure that one out within their lifetime.
But then came the teenage years
Where one discovered interests in others
I thought I’d be alright
Me and my intelligence
That I would find a
Sincere partner
Who wouldn’t compare me..
..with her.
I don’t know what overcame me
When she started appearing in my classes
She was simplistic
Intriguing in the least.
I sank into the background
Watching him speak to her
Laugh with her
Jealousy began to mount within every fibre of my being
I didn’t know why
I didn’t care much for him
But I knew I’d never get a chance
With anyone who’d met her
Had the opportunity to speak to her
Or even anyone like her
The louder of the female world
The more so confident seeds of every other woman’s jealousy
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Alien thing :iconimme-livewithit:imme-livewithit 2 6 Struggle for freedom :iconimme-livewithit:imme-livewithit 3 5
Moment of perfection.
               Eye’s shining against the moon’s rays, the dark haired girl marvelled in the perfection of such a place. Water rushing past the curves of a river bank; wolves, new and old, crying out with the night’s silent song; trees dancing upon the forest’s warm breeze; her heart thumping within her chest as she stood silently, waiting.
               For what, she didn’t know, but she felt she had to.
               Ever felt the need to get away? To just disappear from this chaotically unorganised world we call home. Everything is so complex on this planet, that the easiest thing to do is look the coward and run. Just run. Run from everyone, everything, to a place where you can be alone and carefree. A place where there are no set r
:iconimme-livewithit:imme-livewithit 1 0
        To her knees she fell as she could hear men crying out in the distance, “His Highness, the King, has been slain!”
        The skirt of her dress billowed around her, tearing at her body just as fierce as the storm blew strong. A flash of lightning crashed through the clouds and struck the battlefield below as hellish fires blazed amongst the warring bodies.
        She screamed in agony as the white pain bearing hand retreated back into the heavens.
              …this wasn’t happening. She didn’t want to believe it.
        Thrown backwards by fierce winds, her heart pounded, heavy within her chest.
              …she begged for solitude; “Leave me
:iconimme-livewithit:imme-livewithit 2 3
Mechanical overlords :iconimme-livewithit:imme-livewithit 3 2 Seperation :iconimme-livewithit:imme-livewithit 2 0

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It was a bridge... :iconanoxado:anoxado 88 30
Stuck in a Bubble
The pain burned inside and seemed to be spreading; numb all over. She couldn't think straight anymore, the only thing that's ran through her head was all the pain and torture she was in right now. She hadn't once thought about the reason why she was still here; the only one thing that was keeping her here. 'Keep your chin up' they always said, how can she when she was stuck in such a small slot; no room to breathe or move or think properly. She hid her depression behind fake smiles and laughter, the same things always running through her mind, torturing her every single second. Countless names and secrets flew around her like a bee competing for the last flower; so fast yet able to hear it all without them knowing. She broke down and cried, they all just laughed and pointed, not one single person to help her. Dying inside so fast, still no help; what kind of horrible place are we in? No response since she asked after her parents left her in her small, invisible bubble. Trapped still an
:iconlil-miss-eeyore:lil-miss-eeyore 3 3
The Storm
The ground was cold and wet as I sat down and watched the rain sparkling down to earth. The sky was a clear white, choked with terrifying black clouds. I could hear the water droplets fall to the floor beneath me as I lay my head on the mossy ground, letting the rain slowly take control. It was getting colder now as the rain fell more heavily. The sky had now turned black and eery, the ancient trees swaying from side to side. The time flew by as I thought of one thing. I snapped back to life as a clap of thunder boomed from the hills. And the most spectacular thing happened. A gorgeous flash of lightning painted the sky with bursts of purple and gold. The sky glowed with light for an instant, only a faint light reflected from the fragile crystals that fell from above. The floor soaked up the crystals and they soon became little gray specs, one covering the other. I breathed in the heavy scent of salt and rotting wood, making this moment seem like a dream. The storm seemed to be made of
:iconlil-miss-eeyore:lil-miss-eeyore 2 7
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I have a lovely partner of 3 years whom supports me unconditionally in everything I do as both an artist and an employee/student. We are expecting our first child in just over a month <3

I am quiet and reserved but I will speak my mind when I care about you and have enough confidence.
I want to be passionate about nature and art but I put the practical aspects of life first, unfortunately though the safety and respect of animals takes priority over all.

I hope to better myself as an artist and as a person, gaining confidence in myself and the things I love.
  • Watching: Arts Studio - Wayne Clements
Reinspired =)

Ch31 in Australia is brilliant for shows like "Put some colour in your life" "Masterclass in oils" and "Arts studio". Loving it.

I have also realized that a white page is intimidating and a lined page is wonderfully comforting when drawing <3

Hope everyone is well!

I have also made a new development on my 5 year old story that I am excited about ^.^


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